Escrow service

Intermediary third parties are useful when a commercial exchange requires more security elements and trust than usual between buyer and seller. That is the purpose of the escrow agent, who acts as the asset depositary middleman.

The escrow agent involves a great advantage over the traditional pay-and-supply system, because it removes the possibility of losing the asset or the investment. Through our service, you don't need to trust in the counterpart to fulfill the agreement once you have paid or sent the asset: the escrow will make sure that the agreement is completely fulfilled before releasing the traded good and the payment.

Once the buyer receives the product or service and is 100% satisfied with it, the escrow agent hands the payment to the seller. With this service we cover a great variety of commercial exchanges, both material and digital.

*Operating in any currency

*Receive the asset or payment request under the agreed conditions and complying the schedule
To what needs does the escrow service respond?
Custody of the client's material or digital assets
Property transfer and the associated risks
Keeping the operation's and user's security and privacy
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